Finding Confidence and Courage at Harlington House

Ethan’s Challenge

Ethan has been a resident at Harlington House for over a decade. Following a period of personal grief and lockdown, Ethan faced overwhelming anxiety that confined him indoors, unable to manage simple outings like shopping or withdrawing money.

Steps to Recovery

Determined to help Ethan reclaim his independence, the staff at Harlington House developed a personalised support plan starting in March 2023. They introduced him to in-home group activities, which ignited a newfound enthusiasm through karaoke and encouraged daily walks in the garden that gradually extended to the street.

Ethan Today

As of April 2024, I walked into the local shop by myself for the first time in years, and now I’m there every day. I also started attending karate once a week. I found myself again, and I’m amazed by what I can do now,” shares Ethan. His journey is a testament to the power of supportive care and personal resilience.

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