A Story of Growth and Support

Hi, I’m Wayne. I’ve lived in Scarborough all my life and have been at Parkview for 11 years. My time here has been all about growing up and finding my happy place. The support I’ve received has helped me become more independent and confident in myself.

Early Challenges

I was born with ASD and am partially sighted. While at Parkview, I had two cornea transplants, and the staff supported me through it all. They’ve helped me become more independent, and manage my daily activities. The positive environment and support here have made a huge difference in my life, boosting my confidence and happiness.

Moving to Parkview

I moved to Parkview on February 25, 2014. At first, I was scared and quiet, but the staff and the environment helped me adjust. Over time, I made great friends and built strong relationships with the staff and other residents.

Growth and Independence

At Parkview, I learned how to take care of myself. I used to be shy and had trouble talking about my feelings, but now I feel comfortable sharing my emotions. The staff has guided me to be more independent and in control of my life. I’ve gained skills in cooking and personal care, and I feel proud of the progress I’ve made. Each year, I find myself becoming more confident and capable.

Social Life

I go out daily, often more than once, and have made friends within Parkview and other Milewood homes. I enjoy spending time with the one-to-one staff, who take me to places I love and help me with activities. This support has helped me build a strong social network and enjoy new experiences, bringing a lot of joy to my life.

A Bright Future

My life at Parkview is filled with focus and confidence. I love meeting new people and chatting, and I know that while I will always need support, I want to stay at my home forever. The support from Parkview has been life-changing, and I am grateful for the care and opportunities provided to me.

Kickboxing Achievement

Recently, I achieved something I’m very proud of winning a silver medal in the Adaptive Kickboxing category at the ICO World Championships. Competing alongside my fellow resident Craig, who won gold, was an incredible experience. This sport has helped me gain confidence and stay active, and I’m excited to keep improving.

“Wayne has come so far. It’s been amazing to watch him grow from a young man to an adult. He’s learned new skills and is eager to keep improving. Wayne is a happy, lovable person, and we love supporting him. Seeing his progress is the best part of our job.”

Clare Tomlinson, Deputy Home Manager

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