Each Service User and Tenant is unique. The Milewood Pathway supports individuals to fulfil their potential.

The Milewood Pathway was created to empower people to lead happy, independent, inclusive and fulfilling lives. It ensures that what we do is personal – for us and for our service users and tenants.

They call it ‘My Pathway’ for a good reason - it's individualised, supporting extraordinary people to fulfil their potential.

Essentially, it is a programme that enables our service users to enjoy the kind of life that most of us take for granted. One that they, working closely with our staff and health providers, help to choose, shape, implement and take ownership of. Each support plan is built on the firm foundations of their needs, hopes and aspirations to help them achieve the life they want to lead now and in the future.

The Pathway is their tailored road map. It guides, informs and enables individuals to plan and achieve. It supports them to find their own way through what can be confusing and challenging times.

The result? Outcomes that lead to a more enjoyable and independent lifestyle. Where individuals take control over their own unique care needs and lives wherever possible.


Residential Support

Supported Living




A home from home

Our residential support is different. In fact, it's a world away from the old, traditional ideas of 'care' in a 'home'. Our service is enlightened and progressive, with bespoke support programmes that match the needs of each individual service user.

We help build life skills and self-confidence in people. As a result, they can lead more independent lives. This begins with rooms and self-contained flats designed to provide privacy.

Inclusion is another vital aspect of our residential support capability - within the home and the wider community. That's why you'll find many of our service users busy completing college courses or taking part in social and sports groups in their local areas.


Independence tailored to the individual

Supported living enables service users and tenants to enjoy a more independent lifestyle. They benefit greatly from being taught the skills, confidence and encouragement to manage their own lives and decision making.

The options open to people range from privately rented accommodation in the community to a flat in one of our schemes. The environment is protective. The process is carefully managed so that individuals achieve personal independence and growth.



If you would like to discuss a placement at one of our homes we’d be delighted to hear from you.

To ensure that our services perfectly match needs of our clients we carry out a comprehensive assessment process that helps us to understand the individual and whether they are suited to our care programme and development plan

If you are interested in placing someone with Milewood, or have any questions about our homes or methods of care, please contact us.

Regional office: 0870 850 3309

Administrative Office: 01425 485520



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